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A Brief History


In 2011, at the age of 25, Michael Pedersen put together a business plan and convinced the banks to lend him money to build a 1000 square foot commercial recording studio in Kelowna, British Columbia. With an education in audio engineering and acoustic design, some basic carpentry skills and the help of his father in law, Michael designed and built his studio over the summer and officially opened the doors to Music City Studio on September 17 2011.

As the name would suggest, the focus of the studio was on music production. But as the years went on, film and podcast production began to dominate the business and as of today, have become the main source of revenue and enjoyment.


Music City Studio operated from its commercial location until July of 2016, when it was bought out by a neighbouring business. This unexpected change allowed Michael to extract himself from the music industry and shift his focus to his first loves: film and podcast production.

Now known as Mountain Stream Audio Productions and operating from a downtown office, Michael has spent the last year and a half traveling throughout North America and Europe working on both podcasts and films, furthering his true passion of storytelling through audio and visual.

Below you’ll find a collection of recent and relevant projects, most notably The Hunting Collective, which is already on the MeatEater Podcast Network.


The Hunting Collective - Episodes 1 - 34

  • Technical assistance and pre-production planning

  • Editing, mixing and mastering

  • Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered original theme music

  • Libsyn hosting, RSS feed submissions and weekly publishing

Rookie Hunter

  • Producer & co-host

  • Production, engineering and recording of original theme music and ad music.

  • Editing, mixing and mastering

  • Libsyn hosting and set-up, RSS feed submissions and weekly publishing

  • Show planning and guest scheduling

About the Show

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After losing his father, Michael decided to follow in his old man’s footsteps and began hunting at the age of 29 along with his good friend Kelly Molnar. The two decided to document their failures and successes as new hunters and started a podcast which unexpectedly gathered a large following in Canada. The show, which is now partnered with the Wild Sheep Foundation, is the highest-rated Canadian-produced outdoor podcast, charting at #2 in the Canadian iTunes Store, next to MeatEater. The show features a range of formats including documentary-style episodes, one-on-one discussions between the hosts, and interviews with guests. More information on the show can be found from the website therookiehunter.com

Other Notable Outdoor Podcasts

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