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A Brief History


In 2011, at the age of 25, Michael Pedersen put together a business plan and set his sights on building a 1000 square foot commercial recording studio in Kelowna, British Columbia. With an education in audio engineering and acoustic design, some basic carpentry skills and the help of his father in law, Michael designed and built his studio over the summer and officially opened the doors to Music City Studio on September 17 2011.

As the name would suggest, the focus of the original studio was on music production. But as the years went on, film and podcast production began to dominate the business and as of today, have become the main source of revenue and enjoyment.


Music City Studio operated from its commercial location until July of 2016, when it was bought out by a neighbouring business. This unexpected change allowed Michael to extract himself from the music industry and shift his focus to his first loves: film and podcast production.

Now known as Mountain Stream Audio Productions and operating from a downtown office, Michael has spent the last two years traveling throughout North America and Europe working on both podcasts and films, furthering his true passion of storytelling through audio and visual.

Below you’ll find a collection of recent and relevant projects.



Podcasts have exploded in popularity and now make up about 60% of the business. With an early start in podcast production, Michael is somewhat of a pioneer in the medium and has launched and produced dozens of shows ranging in categories from organic farming to hairdressing. Michael also travels throughout North America providing podcast consultation and equipment training for companies new to the medium.

Recently, Michael was contracted to host and produce a new series called “Faces of Wildlife”. The series, which is being released on a bi-weekly schedule until October 2019, quickly hit number in its iTunes category with the first episode

Faces of Wildlife

Host Mike Pedersen, travels throughout North America to explore the issues that are threatening wildlife, and to meet the people spearheading initiatives to keep them on the landscape.

Film - Television - Radio

CBC Docs POV - To the Worlds

Credit: Sound Recordist and Location Audio


Telus Storyhive - Wheel Love

Credit: Location Audio and Mixing


Shaw - Speedy Arrivals

Credit: Sound Recordist and Location Audio


1Campfire - From Vegan to Hunter & From Chef to Hunter

Credit: Location Audio, Sound Design and Mixing


Music Production